About Us

Science and production center “INGEOCOM” Ltd. (SPC “INGEOCOM”Ltd)- the specialized enterprise sufficient experience and execution rights of geological works which include a full range of prospecting, design, building and cleaning works.

Execution rights of works proves to be true by owning of all necessary licenses which in Ukraine it is necessary to confirm and receive each 5 years

Quality and efficiency of works proves to be by true contracts and long-term cooperation with the bolh private and state organizations and the enterprises.Besides, SPC “INGEOCOM” Ltd. starting from 2004 constantly enters into number of leaders Ukraine National - rating in the field of geology.

Works are executed by specialists, among which there are geologists, mountain engineers and drill men. The director and the owner of private enterprise SPC “INGEOCOM” Ltd. - Victor G. Maksimov, Dr. - engineer with the production and scientific experience - 37 years.

Specialists and experts of institutes of National Academy of Science of Ukraine if necessary are involved.

For accomplishment of works is availible own drilling machine tools and the equipment, and also agreements on use of laboratiries (RE “Ukrstrojizyskanija”, Institute of geological sciences National Academy of Sciences of Science of Ukraine).



  • geological exploration works including hydrogeological, geochemical, geophysical researches;
  • ecology-geological inspection of productuon objects and the territories, including revealing of sources of pollution, distribution terms, degrees of the influence and a risk assessment;
  • engineering-geological researches under the founddations and constructions;
  • designing and drilling of water holes;
  • designing and building systems of water treatin from oil-based products, including storm drains at gasoline stations (gas station) and at liquidation of polluted undeground wsters and earth on petroleum storage depots;
  • the organization and execution of works on pumping out and cleaning of the undeground waters polluted polluted by oil products at liquidation of pollution and an servicing of treatment facilities at the gas station;
  • drainage, lowering of water and vacuum drainage.